And Compute its value…Online

Now you can determine how much a new bedroom or bath will increase the value of your home—in your neighborhood—and in today’s market.

How to do it:

After you have obtained your first PSARez report use your back button to go to your home’s property profile and enter the number of bedrooms, baths, and new square footage of your newly improved VIRTUAL HOMETM. (Our data banks will get you started by indicating the bedroom, bath and square footage count your home has before you make any changes—you just indicate the additions you want to make!) Now, click on CONTINUE and a new PSARez report is generated, with the new value of your home computed, based on the changes and additions you have indicated.

You may change the bedroom, bath and square footage count as often and in as many combinations as you wish, for up to one hour…All for the price of the original report!

To further help you evaluate the effect of additions to your home, each report will give you a comparison of your new “VIRTUAL HOMETM” with the date and sales prices, lists of features, etc. on up to thirty comparable properties in your neighborhood.

In addition to valuing your home improvements use your PSARez report when you: • Buy, • Sell, • Refinance, • Insure • Cancel Mortgage Insurance, • Plan Your Estate, • Contest Property Taxes, or at any time you Need To Know the value of your home.

To obtain the Complete PSARez report and create your VIRTUAL HOMETM, click Start Report.